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Dear Fellow Citizens and Stakeholders of

the City of Atlanta:

Thank you for your consideration in donating your money, your time, and/or your resources to my campaign as a Candidate for Mayor of Atlanta. I am honored.

Much is at stake.

Your donations will fund communications outreach to get direct input from you the citizens and stakeholders of Atlanta — and to ensure your questions are fully answered.

There is no greater leadership priority for me than to engage with the citizens and stakeholders of Atlanta who depend on the day-to-day governance of this city for their homes, their work, the overall quality of their lives — and their future.

Nothing is more important to me than ensuring everyday citizens of Atlanta get to have a say about their future, and their children’s future.

Being accountable for my actions on your behalf, including the use of your donations and potential tax dollars, is paramount in my candidacy — and in being your Mayor. You will receive reports and regular communications from me to update you.

Your trust and support of my Candidacy for Mayor comes at a critical time in our city’s history. You have the opportunity to stand with me in turning the tide for our communities getting to be included in Atlanta’s future.

If we fail to turn the tide, the predictions are grim. We seal our collective fate in traveling down a path of global economic exclusion and destructive gentrification.

The calculated outcome: displacement of record numbers of working class and middle class residents and families, with the erosion and elimination of truly affordable housing.

End result: communities displaced, destroyed, disappeared. Cherished cultural legacies lost. Vital history and heritage erased.

None of this has to happen. But it will take something from all of us.

Thank you for being willing to take the first step, especially through your personal donations, whether you are donating $1 or $1,000.

Your donation makes it possible for us to reach thousands of others before November 7th, 2017, so they too can be heard, and be included.

That’s the kind of grassroots difference your financial support makes right now.

Thank you for being committed to a future that includes all of Atlanta’s communities,such that each and every resident is able to make their own unique, valuable contribution to Atlanta — a city whose people are yearning for its greatness to be fulfilled.

To a bright Atlanta future for all,

Al Bartell