A leadership voice for neighborhoods and communities…

Credit:  Alexander Acosta and Center for Civic Innovation

Al is committed to visiting every neighborhood association within the City of Atlanta before November 7th Election Day.  If you’d like Al to make a visit to your neighborhood association — or to your community/faith/small business organization — let us know.

Email:  info@bartellformayor.com  Call: 470-588-6058

A leadership voice for community engagement…

“All Sides of Atlanta”
“Area-Specific” and “Community-Specific” Issues

Candidate for Mayor Al Bartell is dedicating his campaign to discuss, inform and bring awareness to existing barriers in the City of Atlanta that prevent full citizen participation and inclusion in the decision-making process.

It is his commitment to neighborhoods, communities, and stakeholders that they have a powerful say, through their vote, as to how things go in the City of Atlanta —

particularly on November 7th, 2017.

It is what he’ll be doing as Mayor of Atlanta — and it is what he’s been doing for over two decades of public service.

All Sides of Atlanta

North Side of Atlanta

NPU’s:  A, C

Critical Issues: density and traffic

Northwest Side of Atlanta

NPU’s:  D, G

Critical Issues: road traffic, greenspace

Northeast Side of Atlanta

NPU’s:  B, F

Critical Issues: tourism, parks and cultural events/festivals

Uptown Atlanta


Critical Issue: density

Downtown Atlanta


Critical Issue: sustaining small business

East Side of Atlanta

NPU’s: N, O, W

Critical Issues: redevelopment, restaurants, and new activity

West Side of Atlanta

NPU’s:  H, I, J, K, L, T

Critical Issue: affordable housing, food access

Southeast Side of Atlanta


Critical issue: unemployment

Southwest Side of Atlanta

NPU’s: P, Q, R

Critical issues:  home ownership, insufficient business diversity

Central South Atlanta

NPU’s:  S, Y

Critical issue: low income housing

South Side of Atlanta

NPU’s: V, X

Critical issue:  low income housing